From Aug 2009 – Jan 2010

It has been ages since,  i updated my  blog. I am sure, my friends won’t be surprised by this start, because this is how i used to start each and ever post. 🙂  What can i do, rarely my laziness allows me to do these things. 🙂 Life has changed a lot but not my laziness.

Last year I was in Chennai, Now i am doing my masters in US. So much happened, So much to say, so much to scribble.

So thought of just recapping the period.

I am out words.. Cant recollect things that happened in the last semester.

Here all alone, managed to cook and live life for 5 months. and more to go…..  Sometimes Life sucks  and sometimes its interesting. Some days you wont have anything to submit and will be out of work.  but In the middle of the semester you can’t even take a break,  there will pile of works and assignments.  Life is nothing here without internet, right from seeing the weather, bus timings, directions to the destination everything depends on the internet.

Finally 1st semester came to an end.

During winter break of  1 month, I  just slept, ate recursively 🙂   Already i am lazy chap, this stupid weather here makes me much more lazy (found a way..  blame on weather for everything) break made to go out off track..

Second Semester also started this week.

In this post, i wrote all the things randomly that came to my mind, so it might be out of sequence.

Roller coaster Ride

Life is definitely a Roller Coaster ride where we oscillates up and down.  But mostly that wont be apparent enough.  Change is the only constant thing in this world and everyone is aware of this, yet difficult to stomach it.  “Life is difficult” this was the first line in the book The Road Less Travelled which aptly says that life is not so easy to live and it shouldnt be a cake walk.  oops!!!!!!!!! lemme stop this philosophies of life here. 🙂 . Back to my post.

Just turning the diary of the past two years, there is up and down in work. Fortunately right after my ILP i got in to a project without staying in bench for long time. Then there was considerable amount of work on my shoulder to while away my time.  Then got released from that project and  fortunately got in to another project with in 2 weeks. There again it was nearly 6 months with out much work and was just frittering my time. Then moved in to another project where there was sudden turn-around  my life saw a great learning with stipulated time. we had tough time with project with hourly deadlines. 5 months of painstaking effort just got wiped away and now again in with out work.

In search of many things including a project.

Saturday!!! At Last..

After 5 months I got my own Saturday :). Hoooray!!!!! Two days weekend.  Saturday became official working day in our project, since it was in real crisis phase. So everyone worked on Saturday and project was at its verge of completion. Last week there was a great turn around our project was scrapped due to some internal reasons. So everyone in our project had own Saturday to enjoy. And from next week our search for new project will begin 🙂 .  No one would have dreamnt this situation a week back.  Afterall Life is ever changing, bringing us new lessons every day.

God of Cricket

The title itself will indicate what the content is going to be. yes its Sachin Tendulkar.  What ever happens, no one will deny the fact that he is real maestro who can tame any bolwers at any time. If he decides to stay, he will prove his point. Recently his 163 against newzealand is an example.  There are many many innings where he has made indians proud in the cricketing world.

Just rewinding back to 1998, sharjah cup. Tri series match between Australia, India and New Zealand. He single handedly made India to get in to finals and played a splendid innings in final to lift the cup. No cricket lover will forget this match.  Match was interrupted by desert storm and it was difficult condition to bat on. Had chance to see that innings recently, wow!!!!!!!!! such a high prolific batsman.  In case you wanna see his innings here goes the link. 🙂


After long time

After a lonnnnnnnnng time, i logged in to wordpress.com and decided to make a new post. hmmmm.. life has turned 180 degree. For the past 8 months it had been a monotonous. Office home.. office home.

Just noticing that wordpress interface has completely changed and totally forgot how it used to be before. Thank god i remember my username and password. 😉  Missed many many things  and learnt few things. Even though having a tough time with project schedule, ( few stats on this for the past 4 months 6 days a week (sometimes 7 days too) 12 hrs a day in office and 4 hrs daily bus journey)

Life goes as such in travel. But it was good learning and still on…………

Hpe to write more in future 🙂

Yeah Its me. :)

After a year of stint in software industry nothing seems to be pretty impressive. Travelling 80 km per day can change anyone and change is inevitable one.

yesterday it was a great day. I myself was shocked at my decision.. “yeah!! its me”. Started from company @ 3:30 evening and was on the way to my home.  Something prompted me to get down at abirami mall. AS usual i went to some shops in search of any discounts on any trousers and shirts. Then after that search went to Krishna sweets in Abirami mall. There came thought why can’t we go for movie Saroja.

Initially, i thought lets go and book for sunday evening show. But  when i went to ticket counter, i suddenly changed my mind and said to myself, I am gonna watch it today and today itsefl. 🙂 Took ticket for 6:30 show and watche the movie.  This is my first movie i watched alone and bought the cine ticket myself. Earlier my friends used to get ticket for me and i would watch with them .

Commenting on the movie Sa-Ro-Ja.. its a thriller comedy. 🙂 Ultimate work by venkat prabhu and team. EVerything was perfect. Right mixed. yes…. I am ready for another show guys.,… :):):):)